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  • Research Units
    • Eye Genetics
    • Lens Development
    • Macula Research Group
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    • Electrophysiology and Glaucoma
    • Visual Neuroscience
    • Ocular Repair
    • Corneal Disease
    • Keratoconus
    • Eye Cancer
    • Uveitis and Inflammation
    • Cataract and Presbyopia
    • Ophthalmic Pathology
    • Save Sight Registries
  • Research Opportunities
    • Gene expression of the ocular surface during corneal infection
    • Reducing the economic burden of keratitis on the health system
    • Enhanced diagnosis of corneal infections






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Recent News

  • The Save Sight Institute is involved in a new outreach service which recently won a Top End Health Service Quality Award for ‘Improving Elective Surgery Access’.

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  • The QBE Foundation has donated $10,000 to support a unique initiative by Sydney’s Save Sight Institute to assist children and teenagers with low vision or blindness. The “Making Connections” information day was attended by approximately 200 people, including teenagers with vision loss, their parents and teachers. Parents and carer’s of babies and young children with eye disease were also invited to attend.

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  • The Save Sight Institute has released findings from a commissioned report into the socioeconomic impact of low vision and blindness from paediatric eye disease in Australia, highlighting the significant challenges faced by individuals and families affected by childhood blindness, and subsequent economic impacts more broadly

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