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Welcome to the Save Sight Institute

The Save Sight Institute leads the way in finding innovative new ways to preserve and restore vision lost to all eye diseases, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal dystrophies, uveitis and inflammatory conditions.

Staffed by Australia’s best and brightest ophthalmologists, researchers and scientists, the Institute boasts two world-class laboratories and a large clinic, and is responsible for teaching the next generation of eye doctors.

The Save Sight Institute has an involved patient community which it works closely with to raise awareness and funds for eye research. Known as SightFighters, these committed supporters are an integral part of the team which is working hard to cure blindness and vision loss.

Our Staff

Our people are the best and brightest in the ophthalmic field. Find out why.

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Our Research

Basic science, laboratory research and clinical trials are all part of the research program at SSI.

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About Us

Find out more about why we do what we do, and the impact we have on people living with eye disease.

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Our Partners

The generosity of loyal partners is a critical part of sustaining the innovative work at SSI.

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Recent News

  • We are currently in the process of updating our Visual Electrophysiology normative database, specifically for full field and pattern ElectroRetinoGram testing at Save Sight Institute.

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  • Congratulations to all SightFighters who completed the Sydney City2Surf in August!

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  • Dry eye occurs when the eye does not produce enough of the right kind of tears to stay adequately lubricated, occuring with and exacerbating eyelid inflammation, known as blepharitis.

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