People & Community

by Harrison Kirkwood (Save Sight Institute Youth Ambassador)

No life span is experienced in isolation; joining us along the way are people who share and assist us through personal trials and achievements, the development of ideas and life philosophies and navigating social norms. They can be family and friends, teachers or leaders in the community; but each with an important role to play. Some enter our lives for a short period of time, while others are there for a lifetime.

The spirit of goodwill that such individuals personify is tricky to fully appreciate and is often powerful beyond what can be effectively communicated. While this is true for all, it especially applies to those with disabilities. Unless one has had life experience, either directly or indirectly (as being a family member of someone who does have a disability), it is hard to understand the extraordinary challenges faced to live an ordinary life like their peers in the broader community.  A life of education, employment, social and personal participation to the appropriate level of potential for each unique individual, at the best possible level of independence and freedom obtainable.

For this reason, those who strive to bring continued improvement to the lives of people with disability, should be widely respected and admired for their commitment and generosity. While we are making important progress to a more inclusive reality, many challenges remain and community efforts must continue. It is my opinion, that people attempting to address the problems at the core, like scientists, have the most chance to alleviate any remaining struggle involved for someone affected by disability.

Did you know that there are many individuals working towards improving the lives of patients with vision impairments? Save Sight Institute is doing just this: Preserving and restoring sight. Could you just imagine the associated challenges of living with severe vision loss? If so, then you will understand how their work can change so many lives on all levels, from the individual to the broader community. If you can’t imagine, the reality of not receiving visual information about your world around take a moment to ponder.

Whatever your response is to the above, just consider the difference Save Sight Institute and you as their supporters could make to the lives of many.

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